5 Must-Know Tips To Sell Your House Fast

Wondering how to sell your home as fast as possible? We can guide you to make the right steps - plain and simple. There are a few key tips that you need to accomplish before your home hits the hot Arizona market. So, we encourage you to take our expert advice!


Tip #1 - A clean ship is a happy ship

It might not be your favorite thing, but the first (and probably the biggest) step is to start cleaning. Clean prior to taking your listing photos. The more ‘flawless’ your home appears, the more attractive it will look to a buyer.

 Source: ListerAssister

Source: ListerAssister

Ridding of all of your clutter both inside and out will make it look at its very best. Start at the top and work your way down the checklist! You will especially want to make sure you clean the floors, wipe down cabinets and counters, remove scuffs from the walls, and give the kitchen appliances a good glance. Deep-cleaning can be tricky to do, but the hard-work will pay off, trust us!

If you need more cleaning and decluttering tips, click here.


Tip #2 - Home-staging 101

Staging your home is the perfect way to go the extra mile and make your home appealing to more buyers. This process may take a while (anywhere from just a few days to weeks), but it will help the property feel more like a home and give it more potential. Staging makes it appealing to anyone and not just one specific person with a specific style. Not every buyer will fall in love with your style.

 Source: ListerAssister

Source: ListerAssister

If you need to stage your home fast, focus on featured five...tables, chairs, sofas, beds, and art. These are the items that truly make the house a home.

If you need assistance with home-staging, contact our preferred Interior Designer, Christina Goldsmith of CG Home Interiors.


Tip #3 - Say cheese and take a picture

Hiring a professional photographer is a HUGE must! This can make or break a potential buyer’s first impression of your home. Taking photos on your phone or camera does not compare to the quality that a professional photographer can do. The photographer has all of the tools at his/her disposal to capture the right lighting, make everything brighter and bolder, and more inviting. Most home photographers also use a wider lens to fit the room in just one photo.

 Source: ListerAssister

Source: ListerAssister

At Myriad, we use ListerAssister to take photos of all of our homes that are about to hit the market. We also send a team member to each photo appointment to assist our client and the photographer with anything they may need.


Tip #4 - Make your home available

After your home has been primed and prepped, it is time to go live on the MLS (multiple listing service)! During this period, it will be crucial that you are flexible and open. You will actually want to spend as much time away from your home as possible to allow for real estate agents and buyers to wander through your home comfortably.

And if you are the person viewing the home, take these house-hunting etiquette tips into consideration.


Tip #5 - Cha-ching - find the right price

While marketing, cleaning, and staging are keys components in selling your home, a major factor will always be the price tag. The listing price is a part of what seals the deal, so be competitive with your price and compare it with others in the area.

At Myriad, you will have a Listing Agent on your side to help you decide on the right price for your home. Together, you will look at many aspects including your home’s age, square footage, updates, and more. This will help determine your listing price and help you sell your home fast!

 Source: Myriad at My Home Group

Source: Myriad at My Home Group


In conclusion, selling your home can be daunting. But, with the right amount of assistance from your real estate team, you will be selling your home fast and for top dollar!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation with one of our REALTORS®, click here to contact us. We’re here to help!


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