Why You Shouldn't Take Your Home Off the Market for the Holidays

Why You Shouldn't Take Your Home Off the Market for the Holidays

Since we are now treading into the busiest and most cheerful time of the year you may be filled with holiday goodies, busy with shopping, and even decorating. But, the holiday’s do not mean you have to put a pause on everything, including taking your home off the market.


Here’s why you DO NOT want to take your home off the real estate market…

Rise to the Top

You have the opportunity to rise to the tippy top of market. This means when everyone else decides to take a break from the home showings, your listing will become one of the few in the reduced inventory real estate market. So, for buyer’s that are still searching for a home during the holiday’s, your listing will be a standout.

You Are Already Prepared

The holiday season tends to mean that you are going to be baking, cooking, and cleaning, left and right. Which means, in reality, you are already prepared to have guests in your home. With the added sweet smell of cookies baking and the visual of Christmas decor all around, a home buyer’s senses will be going crazy.

This time of year brings about a homey feel and if you are good at decorating, you will more than likely tap into the nostalgic feelings a buyer. The memories that come with a fully decorated home and the smell of Christmas can be endless.

Holiday Buyer’s Are A Thing

In the weeks leading up to the holidays, things do typically slow down. Although, there are still active buyer’s out there that are ready to make an offer when it comes time. There may even be some that are on a short timeline and want to buy fast.

Usually, buyer’s who are shopping during the holiday’s are ones that are serious. They are motivated to move forward, setting up home tours and making offers if they see what they like.

Families Are Ready To Search

Some of these serious buyer’s include families. They want to find the perfect property without disrupting their kids and get settled before school begins again in January. It is also an ideal time to show their own home to people from out of town.

Easier To Close

Closing on the home of your dreams (and fast) can actually come true during November and December. Since fewer sales are happening, lenders are more motivated to close on deals before the end of the year. Buyer’s will be able to get loans processed and approved faster than they can during the Spring season.

Adjust Your Strategy

Has your home already been on the market for several weeks or months? Try to fight the urge to take it off the market. It can be better to stay the course and use this time to tweak your strategy. Have you tried home staging? Did you paint the interior or exterior already? Should you take a look at the price again? If the house has not sold yet, it may not be priced right. Before taking it off the market consider dropping the price. The holiday’s are a good time to figure out at what price point it should really be listed at.

If you have any questions about listing your home during the holiday season, reach out to one of our agents. We are ready and willing to help! Contact us here.

Source: Realtor.com

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