Step-by-Step Relocation Guide To Phoenix

Step-by-Step Relocation Guide To Phoenix

Making a major life change? Relocating to a brand new city can be an overwhelming task. To help you through this process, save you time and money, we compiled a step-by-step guide for your relocation to Phoenix.

Step 1 - Research Phoenix Neighborhoods

If you are relocating for a job, this part tends to be a bit easier since you will know where you will be working. If you have your place of business, you will focus your home search around areas with an acceptable traffic commute.

If you have not started the job hunt, then finding the perfect neighborhood could be challenging. Start with a simple Google search of neighborhoods in the Phoenix area. You may be surprised at how many you instantly rule out and how many you will be interested in. Phoenix and the surrounding cities can be very different in terms of look, feel, and amenities. Typically, people are drawn to certain areas over the others, so it makes the choice easy.

If you need advice on finding the right neighborhood, contact us here.

Step 2 - Contact A REALTOR®

Find a REALTOR® who understands the relocation process, knows Phoenix neighbors like the back of their hand, and someone who can save you time right off the bat. At Myriad, we help narrow your search criteria so you do not have to spend hours focusing on neighborhoods that you will not like in person. Just by giving us an idea of what you are looking for in a home can automatically help narrow down your search. Providing your price range, house size, and other information can make a BIG difference!

If you are interested in starting the search or talking with an expert, schedule a free phone (or in-person) consultation here.

Step 3 - Get Pre-Approved

Talking to a mortgage lender early in the process is key to successfully purchasing a home. A good lender will help you determine which loan program is best for your situation and how to approach the home buying process. They can also explain property taxes, HOA fees, and other dues that can impact what you can afford.

To view our preferred lenders in the Phoenix area, take a look at this list.

Step 4 - Prioritizing Needs Vs. Wants

After you have met with your lender and determined what your budget is, it is time to prioritize what is important to have in your dream home. Is commuting a factor? Schools? Amenities? Taking into account your long-term needs is a high factor in a home search.

Determining these questions and more can help you in your house hunt. These answers will further narrow down focus areas and allow you to make a good home buying decision.

Need help determining your priorities? Send us an email at

Step 5 - Narrow Down Phoenix Neighborhoods

Time is ticking and at this point, you should have your areas narrowed down. Work hard to make a list of your favorite to least favorite 5-10 neighborhoods in the area. And if you are going to visit Phoenix to look at homes, this step is the most important. Start exploring those neighborhoods you like most and cross off the ones you cannot find homes you like in.

Still need some neighborly advice? Check out this video playlist of a few of our favorites.

Step 6 - Set Up On A Home Search

After you have narrowed your neighborhood choices, you REALTOR® will set you up on an email home search of the latest and best homes that match your search criteria.

Want to start a home search? Visit our website here to sign up.

Step 7 - Schedule A Scouting Trip

You have a handle on the Phoenix areas that work for you. Now, you are ready to look at them in person. The goal of the first trip is to look at a few houses in your price range, drive through the neighborhoods, and see whether or not these areas should be ruled out completely. Investing a little money and time into a neighborhood scouting trip can mean the difference of liking the place you live in or not.

Ready to plan a trip? Call us at 480.361.8144.

Step 8 - Explore The City

Looking at neighborhoods all day can get exhausting. Take the time to visit some of Phoenix’s top restaurants, sights, and attractions. A break from the home search can remind you of some of the reasons why you decided to move in the first place. It can also help you ease the stress of the move.

Need some recommendations? Here is a list of the city’s best places.

Step 9 - Finalize Your Favorite Neighborhood

After seeing your list of neighborhoods in person, you will be surprised at how easy this step is! Look at the notes and pictures you took of the neighborhoods and make a list of your favorite parts about each of them. Your REALTOR® can easily adjust your home search to help you focus on finding a home you love.

Step 10 - Find Your Dream Home

Easy-peasy, right? Although this step is not as simple as it sounds, we can help make your move quick and painless. Many people have been in your shoes and we know you have many questions, so never hesitate to ask them. Our team has spent years researching the Phoenix Metro areas and we are just a phone call away. For a list of our preferred vendors that can assist with you move, visit here.


If you are relocating to the Phoenix area reach out to our team when you’re ready to start the search! Learn more about our team members and why we are the very best in the Valley.

Source: Austin Real Estate

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