All About The Myriad Team

At Myriad, all of our employees represent the spirit of our company: knowledgeable, committed, and persistent. We are driven to go great lengths for our clients and we believe that teamwork is key to our success. This month we wanted to feature our tremendous team and the people that make Myriad what it is today. Learn a little bit about their professional and personal background and why they chose Myriad.


Daniel Brown

Professional Background: After spending 10 years in the banking industry, I realized that corporate life just wasn’t for me. So, in 2007, I got my real estate license, which was a very unfortunate time to become a REALTOR®. The housing market was collapsing, and we were on our way to one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression. I witnessed many people lose their jobs, their homes, and some even their families. Phoenix was one of the hardest hit cities in the country with home values on average dropping over 54%.

Four years later, the recession was winding down and Phoenix had gotten through the housing crisis. In just those four years, I had sold over 400 homes, and came out with extensive knowledge and experience of the real estate industry. I then decided to take that experience and focus on helping buyers. It was a wonderful change going from listing and selling bank owned properties to helping families find a home. There was joy in it and I realized that I was helping people achieve the American dream. The dream wasn’t dead and people wanted a place to call their own. I did that for the next 4 years of my career and absolutely loved it.

Why I Started Myriad: In 2013, I founded my own real estate team called Myriad at My Home Group. I wanted to surround myself with a team who had the work ethic and commitment to our clients that I do. We call ourselves Myriad because we want to help everyone regardless of who they are or where they come from. We want to educate the first-time home buyer to the savvy investor. Our mission is to provide a high level of service and operate not in a sales role, but one of service instead. My passion and my team’s passion is helping people reach their life goals. We get to help people achieve the American dream every day, which is truly amazing. We want our clients to have a partner they can trust along the way. It’s been an amazing adventure and I’m excited to continue on this path of service.

Personal Background: As a child, there was never a dull moment. My brother David and I were always on the move to soccer, baseball, basketball, scouts, horseback riding lessons, piano practice, arts camp, swim/dive lessons…you name it, we were signed up for it! I may have hated some of the activities my parents signed me up for, but it did teach me how to meet new people and exposed me to all different walks of life. Experiencing all of these activities really shaped who I am today and has become a cornerstone of success for my business.

Learn more about Daniel here.


Morgan Maxwell

Professional Background: I got my Masters of Science in Biology after switching from photojournalism and started working as an adjunct Bio instructor at a community college. Because teaching is thankless, I also got a job working at the local craft distillery, which I loved. I went full time at the distillery and then worked for another craft distillery in Chicago. While I loved the craft spirits industry, I also wanted to do more with small businesses. So I got a job in downtown Chicago at a boutique investment firm. Working around finance gave me a lot of skills to help run a business. When I moved to Phoenix, I knew I wanted to continue working in the small business world. And I found Myriad.

Why Myriad: I’ve always loved working in a small business setting. Every day is different and there’s lots of challenges. I never dreamed I would ever end up working in real estate. But, the Myriad team is so unique and the culture makes it one of the best places I’ve ever worked. We push each other to be the best we can be and we really care about our product. Our clients always come first.

Personal Background: I was born and raised in Kentucky, home of bluegrass and bourbon. I grew up in academia. My mom and stepdad work for the university in my hometown (WKU), where I also went to college. My dad’s a retired police officer. My mom’s also a part-time ghost hunter so I grew up learning the ~weird~ history of the world around me. As an only child, I blamed a lot of my messes on my cat, Sassy. I loved going to concerts and being super close to Nashville was great for that. The college town I grew up in had a really great local music scene, too. I moved from Kentucky to Chicago on (kind of) a whim and had never even visited the city before moving there. When my significant other was relocated to Phoenix for work, I was ready to leave winter behind and start a new chapter. And again, moved to a city I had never visited before. I also live for live music and good ramen.

Learn more about Morgan here.


Abigail Smith

Professional Background: I have previous experience in all things social media, marketing, and customer service. I have worked for big companies and small, but I know that my true happiness lies in working with small businesses. Today, I am the Content Marketing & Office Manager at Myriad at My Home Group. I’m the first person you’ll see when you walk into our office, the person who posts on our Facebook, Instagram, blog, and more, and the girl who writes for every video script and podcast, so Danny doesn’t just “wing it.” (As we all know how that goes…)

Why Myriad: Right after ringing in the 2018 new year with family, I decided to become a part of the Myriad team. I believed that my values and vision aligned closely to the rest of the team, and I knew that I would fit right in. My favorite part about working at Myriad is connecting with past, present, and even future clients, especially by seeing their support for our group on social media. I truly believe the future of Myriad will be limitless and that we will always have a passion to help people’s lifelong dreams become a reality.

Personal Background: I grew up on the border of Iowa/Nebraska/South Dakota...a place where it couldn’t be any more Midwestern! When I was younger, I was joined in most activities with my sister, Sami. We were pretty big into all things make-believe, so creating forts, singing karaoke, and playing competitive games of “Harry Potter Ball,” was never out of the ordinary for us. After realizing that I would never make it as a professional in the made-up sport of “Harry Potter Ball,” I decided that college was the right path for me! In 2014, I moved to Omaha, Nebraska to pursue a degree in Business Administration. And after three years of studying, I finally graduated in the fall of 2017. Not long after I made the decision to move to Phoenix where the rest was history...

Learn more about Abigail here.


Jake White

Professional Background: My work journey starts at age 14 when my Dad let me take over his small embroidery business. I put designs into an excessively complicated computer program (stored on a floppy disc, remember those?) and watched as the machine put thousands of stitches into a hat, t-shirt or sweater. I only had a handful of clients, but as a middle schooler, making a couple hundred dollars by myself made me feel like _____. In high school I worked maintenance at a golf course to get free golf, but I spent so much time working I never got to play! My college job was at this caffeine factory called Starbucks. The odd thing about me working there is that I don’t like coffee. I even told the manager in the interview, but he let it slide. My junior year I started my own business throwing these massive house parties, but without any drugs or alcohol (GASP)! I know...and people actually show up! It became very popular and on our national tour, we decided to move to Phoenix. A few months later I started at Myriad!

Why Myriad: I’ve been told that a job is not always about “what” you do, it’s about “who” you do it with. I think that’s true. Meeting Danny and the whole Myriad team was fun, and I instantly felt like a valuable member of this new club. I loved the model of having a team of REALTORS® serving our clients (instead of just one agent) and us being on salary. That way there’s no pressure on our clients to buy or sell, just whenever the time is right for them. And while most real estate experiences involve just one REALTOR®, our clients get a bunch of amazing ones! #squadgoals

Personal Background: GO PACK GO! That’s right, I’m one of those transplants from Wisconsin…I grew up in this town called Oshkosh (like the overalls & baby clothes). As a kid, I just wanted to play sports all the time. Then when I realized that a beanpole-scrawny-nerd usually doesn’t make the best athlete, I turned my attention to music. Playing the drums became a huge passion of mine and I joined a rock band with some other musicians from school. As an adult, I enjoy a healthy combo of music and sports. I really like playing basketball, volleyball, snowboarding and volunteer to play drums for church whenever they need someone. Oh yeah, and I LOVE games… I guess if you can play it, I’m in.

Learn more about Jake here.


Madeline Wilson

Professional Background: It all started when I became a hostess at a new Italian restaurant in town. It was my very first job and I learned very quickly what it meant to run a business from the ground up. It was family-owned and everyone was very close to each other. So close, that I still talk with many of them today. Fast forward to 2017, when I graduated college at Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. After college, I then found Myriad and started working with the team in March of 2018. Today, I help people find the home of their dreams. This includes helping our clients get under contract by showing them homes, having a smooth inspection period, and my favorite part, getting to hand them the keys to their new home.

Why Myriad: My decision to join Myriad was an easy one. I loved the culture of the team and working for a small company was something that reminded me of my first job. We are a tight-knit team that works incredibly well together. With our vast experience, we truly know how to handle any situation that comes our way, while also keeping our clients first. I also value the mentorship and guidance that I am able to gather from Danny. He has been there to teach me since day one and his support has helped me grow as a REALTOR® in many ways.

Personal Background: I was born in Arizona, but ended up moving to Minnesota for a few years. While living in the land of 10,000 lakes, I naturally ended up liking many outdoor activities like snowboarding, mud runs, making Igloos, and just hanging out with my family as much as possible. (Funny story...My siblings would always call me ‘the wind’ and pretend they could never hear me. And yes, they still occasionally joke about it.)

After Minnesota, I moved back to sunny Arizona in high school and have been here ever since. Today, I love doing Crossfit, being active, and I definitely still enjoy hanging out with my siblings, especially during the holidays when everyone makes the effort to be together.

Learn more about Madeline here.


Dominick Torres

Professional Background: I received my Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Arizona State University. Since the age of 16 I have worked in a multitude of industries and positions including working at a golf course, running my own painting business in college, managing a solar fabrication line, warehousing and even galvanizing. I feel that all of these experiences coupled with my degree have shaped me into the person both professionally and personally that I am today. While it took me a little while to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, when I found the Myriad Team I immediately felt at home. There are a couple of things that I have learned about myself through my different work experiences and that is I truly value meaningful relationships with those that I work for and work with so being somewhere that I truly get to connect with folks was something that I needed. I also love building a foundation and seeing it grow, it can be a bit chaotic but man is it a fun and it keeps me on my toes. Working here at Myriad I have truly found both of those aspects and I’m looking forward to building something bigger than myself with the team that is here and the team that will be added in the future.

Why Myriad: In my search to find where I truly wanted to be, Danny made a statement in his Myriad story video that “If you do the right thing, on a long enough time horizon you will always win”. That hit home with me, and I’m proud and excited to see our team live that statement everyday we’re together and when we’re with our clients. We definitely make it a point to truly serve our clients. As a person you never have to do the right thing, it's a choice. It's not always easy to do the right thing either. But, at Myriad we get to do the right thing and seeing the impact that makes for our clients is absolutely an amazing thing to experience!

Personal Background: I was born in Hereford, TX lived there for 4 years, then moved to Liberal, KS for 4 years, then back to Hereford, TX for another 4 years and lastly out here to Phoenix, AZ where I've called home since 2001. An Interesting fact about Hereford, TX - the population is about 15,000 people but it's surrounded by ~3.5 million cows at any one time. There was a billboard up at one point in the town that said "the only place in the U.S. where currency is measured in pounds" with a picture of a cow. I've been playing golf since I was 3 years old and still play to this day. I'm a Red Head which I got from my grandmother on my mom's side of the family, and she happens to be my last living grandparent. I love to stay physically active whether it's hitting the gym, playing some kind of sport, or going out for a hike or a run (when the weather is great)! It's something that's become a habit because it definitely helps me focus as well as maintain a positive outlook...and it could also be because I do enjoy food, and have a pretty bad sweet tooth!

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