How Much Does It Cost To Move?

How Much Does It Cost To Move?

How Much Does It Cost To Move?

Moving across the country or even across the state can be a hefty price tag. There are all kinds of expenses from changes in living to balancing mortgages/rent, and getting your belongings from place to place.

Moving Cost Estimates

Making the decision to move can be extremely exciting! Moving comes with many new milestones, memories, and well...expenses. And while moving estimates can very from state to state, and even from business to business, there is an average amount you can expect to spend when hiring movers.

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Locally -

Studio Apartment: $150 to $250

2-Bedroom Apartment: $375 to $525

3 Bedroom House: $700 to $1,000

4+ Bedroom House: $1,500 to $2,000

As a rule of thumb, local moving companies typically charge on an hourly basis. That hourly rate usually stays the same whether they are packing boxes, moving them into the home, carrying furniture, or unpacking. Also, do not be alarmed if you find a “travel fee” on your moving agreement. A travel fee covers the movers expenses such as fuel and traveling back and forth from point A to point B.


Out-of-State -

Studio Apartment: $1,500

2-Bedroom Apartment: $1,800-$2,500

2+ Bedroom House: $3,500-$4,200

Although these moving costs are only approximate values, they give you a pretty clear view of what it will cost you to move across the country. This number will differ because you have to take household goods, extra services (packing, unpacking, boxes, etc.), and different moving companies into consideration.

DIY Moves

No need to hire movers? Here are some options that might better suit your needs and save you money:

Truck Rentals - Renting a moving truck can vary greatly depending on what company you choose, the distance, and number of days you will need a rental. Keep in mind that you will also have to account for gas expenses since most rental trucks average between 7 to 10 miles per gallon. Before returning your rental, fill up the gas tank and give it a good wash to avoid any additional fees. It is also important to look into truck rental insurance which typically runs around $150+ which can cover any damages that may occur. And lastly, add in those extra night stays at hotels if you’re moving journey will take more than a day. The average hotel cost is around $100+ depending on which city you decide to stop in.

Hiring Moving Help - The next option would be to hire moving help when you get to your destination. These movers can help you load and unload your belongings from the rental truck. The average cost is about $90/hour and you will probably have to pay some travel fees, as well.

Portable Moving Units

The last option for your move is to use a portable moving container or “pod”. This container can be dropped off at any location, you just pack it yourself, and pay for moving the unit. Using a pod can start as low as $800, it will just differ based on the distance and size of the unit.

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Additional Tips

Lastly, take into consideration these top three moving tips:

  1. Choose an affordable moving company - Read those reviews and ask friends for local moving companies. After you’ve found a few reputable companies, compare prices, services, and anything else to determine that they are the company for you.

  2. Schedule your move - The peak moving season is from May to September, so your chances of getting a good deal can be pretty slim. If you can be flexible on the moving date, moving companies are more likely to cut down on prices to get more customers. Also, be sure to never schedule a move on the first/last days of the month, weekends, during the summer, and on holidays. These days will always be pricier than average. Book your move as early as possible to reserve the date before others.

  3. Pack only what you need - Inventory your entire home and determine what things you know you will be using in the near future and what things you can get rid of or donate. The fewer the items you pack, the less money you will have to pay out of pocket. Declutter becomes the name of the moving game!



Before you begin the moving process, be sure to lay out any and all expenses that may come your way. After you’ve done that you know it’s time to get packing and get on the move! If you need more tips and information on local moving companies within Valley, take a look at our recent video series with Justin Hart of Just-In Time Moving.







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