Fall Home-Buying Perks

As we roll into the fall season, we are conditioned to expect an end-of-season slowdown with rising prices and a limited supply of homes. But, just because it is the end of another hot summer does not mean that we will see activity come to a halt. Fall actually brings in more opportunities for home buyers here in the Valley of the Sun!

If you are on the search for a new home, this season will bring you a sense of motivation. Especially with these added perks for Fall house-hunting…

Tax Breaks

Enjoying the end of the year tax breaks are a major perk to buying a home in the Fall. This allows you to take advantage of things like the mortgage interest and deductions on property taxes. Whoo! Major win for homeowners, here!

Bye-bye Bidding Wars

Forget about those never-ending bidding wars! The Fall is the perfect time to search for homes and spend less time and energy going back and forth on the multiple-bids. This Fall you will find your perfect home in no time!

More Bargaining Power

Less competition means more of an opportunity to purchase your home at a reduced price. Negotiating with the sellers who had high hopes for selling their home over the summer will get you a even better bang for your buck.

Home For The Holidays

The ERA reports that fall home-buying is highly fueled by emotional motivation. The ERA President and CEO, Charlie Young states, “As vacations wind down after Labor Day and people become more focused, the desire to be in a new home for the holidays is a historically strong driver of fall home sales.”

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Fall Decor That Will Sell Your Home

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