5 Decor Trends That Are SO In!

Assisting our clients with their home sale and making their listing stand out are all a part of the package. And with each new year, comes new home decor trends. So out with the old and in with the new. Here’s 5 home decor trends that are well…trending!

Grey & Neutral Tones

The top pick for the year when it comes to tones are grey and neutral. That’s means if you’re getting prepped and ready to sell your home include these in your staging. Start in the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms by painting the walls with grey tones or adding some neutral home decor. Even switching out the bedroom comforter can make the room feel brand new and help create an oasis for a potential buyer to imagine themselves in. If you decide to paint in the bathroom, it will surely make the fixtures and sink pop.


Add a bit of class to your home with an array of metal accents. Swap out older accents for ones with brass, iron, pewter, and silver. There are many ways to incorporate metal accents into your home staging, so start small and make your home inviting to others by adding this appealing trend.

Statement Ceilings

Have you been thinking about adding a statement ceiling? Now’s your chance! We’ve seen ones from wallpaper to patterned and painted! It’s the first thing you’ll notice when you enter the room and can make the room appear brighter, bigger, and bolder. Accent walls have become a thing of the past! So, choose a statement ceiling as your next home selling trick!

Geometric & Tribal Patterns

Geometric patterns evoke a symmetrical harmony and almost never go out of style! These types of design trends create a warmth throughout the home and a friendly feeling. An offset pattern can be easily introduced in a minimalistic room to bring in life. Turn to decorative pillows, throws, or even framed prints with geometric or tribal prints.

Natural Elements

2019 is moving on to the fresh, natural feels! Try being more eco-friendly by bringing in live plants and elements that can create an ambiance. This year, you should also expect to see more natural materials like concrete, copper, and granite take the stage.

Have a trend that’s your favorite? Share it with us in the comments below! And for more tips and real estate advice read more of our blogs here.





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