Is Your Listing Being Ignored?

How is your listing doing? Are you desperate for more showings or do you want visitors to leave as fast as possible? Curious as to what might be turning potential buyers off? Here’s our list.

Vague Property Descriptions

The property description can provide potential buyers with a more detailed account for things in the home. If you only have a few words or none at all, you are creating a huge missed opportunity to brag about what your home has to offer and why they should visit it. And while pictures are worth a thousand words, they aren’t always enough.


Use the description to show the ‘unseen’ things or what the pictures don’t exactly showcase. If the home is located in the heart of downtown, say that in the description and mention what top restaurants, shopping, or even parks are nearby. Lead with the most catching details and you’ll be sure to bring in a buyer before you know it.

Poor Photographs

Our biggest advice is to spend that extra money on high-quality, professional photographs of your home. At Myriad, we provide this for you and will even photograph your home at sunset and take drone photography of your community. Taking your own home photos comes with amateur risks such as mirror reflections, bad lighting, and incorrect angles. Draw more attention to your listing and choose a professional photographer.

Saying No To Staging

When a house is staged, the buyers will see what the space can be used for and find its purpose. Leaving the rooms empty of any furniture or design can turn off a buyer completely. Open floor plans are even more crucial to stage. If the space is too open it can truly be hard to distinguish what the space can be used for. At Myriad, we recommend our interior designer, Christina Goldsmith to each of our clients. She has a vast knowledge and expertise when it comes to staging a home.

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