How To Save Money While Moving

We all know how it works. Just as you finish all your home renovations, it’s time to move to a new home. And when getting ready to move there are two common things that affect us all. The first is that everyone loves moving. After all it is sort of a makeover on your life. From moving across town to cross-country, moving is a new adventure in life. Secondly, in the same stroke of love, we all hate moving. From packing countless boxes and furniture, to arranging the move, and of course the cost, moving can be a pain.

Whether you have a tight budget or just like to pinch pennies, here are a few tips for saving money while you move.

Get Free Produce Boxes

This is one of those rumors you may have heard of but didn’t know if it is true. Most grocery stores will give you free produce boxes if you ask. Produce boxes are great because they are the same shape, have a lid and base, and also have handles. If you are someone who likes to overpack your boxes with books, they are also the perfect size to save your back from the extra weight. While you can get these boxes – and a lot of them – for free, keep in mind that produce is typically delivered on the same day(s) each week, so planning is required.

Move In The Off-Season

Moving in the off-season (September to May) can save you a ton of money if you are hiring a company to move you. This is because pricing lowers in the off-season, plus there is more availability which is great if you need to move quickly, but also want to shop around. Of course, if you aren’t careful, you’ll have to deal with inconvenient weather, but to save hundreds or thousands of dollars in moving expenses, you can probably deal.


Buy New Furniture Online

Relatively new to the moving game is buying your furniture online. We know what you’re thinking. You’re trying to save money, not spend it. But, buying furniture online is way more convenient and budget savvy than you might think. Consider buying your mattress online. Not only are mattresses more affordable, but you can order online and have the mattress delivered, and often placed on the frame for free – at your new destination. That means you save moving space, don’t have to haul the furniture around, and can have someone else take care of the heavy lifting.


Consider Portable Moving Units

You’ve likely seen portable storage units sitting in a neighbor’s yard. These units are delivered to your home where you can load them at your convenience. Then they are picked up and delivered to your new destination where you can then unpack them. These units can save you hundreds and even thousands compared to a traditional moving company. Plus, portable units provide better flexibility when it comes to loading and unpacking.

Moving has enough headaches, you shouldn’t have to worry about your budget too. These tips can help bring convenience to your move by providing free boxes, a new way to think of furniture moving, and of course save you thousands whether you use a moving truck or portable unit.

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