How to Make Tidying Up a Fun Activity in Your Home

How to Make Tidying Up a Fun Activity in Your Home

Thanks to Marie Kondo, tidying up is the latest trend happening in closets and homes everywhere. And thanks to her book and show, you can declutter at home without having to spend money on a professional organizer. Following a popular tip from the KonMari method, if it doesn’t spark joy, then let it go. To get your home in order, get rid of the mess, and get organized with your life, try these easy and joyful actions.


Shop for Storage Bins

A big part of organizing is having proper storage for everything, which ultimately gives you an excuse to buy some new and exciting things. Storage bins are not a frivolous purchase (decorative bins can be purchased for as low as $6.99), so you can rest assured that the money you spend here won’t go to waste — as long as you put them to use. This could mean buying a new dresser or shelf, or it could simply mean buying bins and boxes that stack neatly together in the closet.

Buy New Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning and organizing isn’t just about getting rid of things. It’s also about scrubbing away the old and welcoming the new. The bathroom is one of the dirtiest places in the home, as well as one of the most difficult to clean. It’s a collection of bacteria, germs, skin cells, and moisture. Consider buying organizational tools to store your hygiene products, as well as quality cleaning products to keep your bathroom spotless throughout its daily use. But don’t stop at the bathroom. If you want a really deep clean, consider bringing in a maid service to clean your entire home. A one-time cleaning in Phoenix will typically cost $122 - $222.


Binge Watch a Show

Organizing takes time, and there’s always some madness before you finally see the clean. Rather than starting the task one day and letting the piles sit for days on end, pick one day to complete one task. It might only happen once a week, but cleaning up your home will be more manageable in segments — even if it takes you months to tackle the whole place. However, be sure to finish one job before moving onto the next or you’ll be living among piles of things that will add more stress to your living situation. The best part about having an all-day task to complete is that you get to pick a television show to binge watch while you do it.


Have a Swap Party

What better way to let go of unused belongings than to make it into an eco-friendly social event? Invite friends over to “shop” through your things, or host a swap party in which all of your guests bring whatever they don’t want to keep. Just remember to control your own shopping urges. After all, the point of this party is to get rid of your things, not add more items to your home.


Open an Online Store

Since you’re already getting rid of unwanted items, why not make some money? Poshmark, Tradesy, Mercari, and OfferUp are popular platforms to list things for sale. Your trash might become someone else’s treasure. Again, remember to exercise self-control about buying things for yourself. As tempting as it is to buy from others selling online, you’re there to offload and reduce what you own, not add to it. To avoid sitting with a pile of “to sell” items in the corner of your room for months, give yourself a deadline to sell your belongings. If it hasn’t sold by a certain date, then donate it.


Donate to Charity

Anything that didn’t get snatched up at a swap or online sale can go into your charity donation pile. Donating to charity comes with the benefits of unloading your belongings, giving back to the community, and receiving a tax write-off.

Finding the motivation to declutter and tidy up is challenging. But what feels like a big undertaking can be manageable if you complete one task at a time and make it fun. Once the hard work is over, all you have to do is maintain. Everything will be easier to find, and your future cleaning sessions will be lighter and less stressful.

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