5 Simple Steps That Will Help You Sell Your Home Faster

Selling your home quickly takes work, but it can also lift a lot of stress off of you. If you want to spend less time getting that first offer on your listing, you’ll need to spend some time on these projects that will help your home sell as quickly as possible.


Determine Your Profit and Selling Price 

If you are looking to sell your home quickly, you need to take a good look at how much you’re comfortable making off your home sale. You can use online calculators to determine what return you can expect from selling your home. Factors that will affect your profit include the amount you still owe and your selling price. Your selling price will have a lot to do with how much you make, so take some time to set a price you are comfortable with. Your REALTOR® will look at recent home sales in your area, real estate market trends, and decide with you what a competitive price may look like for your property. It may be smart to leave some room for negotiations too, in case buyers make lower offers than you’re hoping for.


Create Curb Appeal   

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and the same is true for your home. The way potential buyers see the outside of your property can heavily influence their decision to make an offer on your home, so make sure your yard and home exterior have curb appeal. Pressure washing is a good step to sell your home quickly, and also take care to sweep walkways and porches, and keep them free of debris. Out in the yard, take care of any dead or damaged spots, and refresh the mulch in your flower beds.


Clean Your Property Properly  

Another way to make a positive first impression is to get your home as clean as can be. Buyers love the look of a sparkling clean home, so put some effort into getting yours tidy. Clean out every single dust bunny that’s hiding in your home, including moldings, baseboards and spaces between appliances. Wipe down every surface in your home, and don’t leave any dirt or dust behind. You will also need to keep floors spotless for showings and open houses. If you have carpet, a shampooing can get rid of any lingering odors from pets or people, leaving your house looking and smelling fresh. As you can see, deep cleaning your home to get it ready to sell takes a lot of work, so this may be a task worth handing off to a housekeeping expert. You can expect to pay $100 or more based on the national average price for a one-time cleaning, but the time you’ll save that can be devoted to other items on your to-do list makes it well worth the expense.


Look into Professional Staging

Staging is also important when it comes to selling a home. You can get some ideas to stage your home yourself, making sure to create an inviting, warm atmosphere for potential buyers. But your best bet may be to work with a professional staging company. Professional stagers will know how to set up your home so that it appears spacious but cozy, tidy but lived in, and attractive to any potential buyers. Hiring professional stagers is especially helpful if you have already moved out of your home or don’t have furniture or decor to leave behind. The only drawback is that hiring a professional stager isn’t cheap, and can cost as much as $500 - $600 per room.


Work with a Skilled Listing Agent   

Hiring a listing agent is an important step in selling a home. A good listing agent will be able to give you advice on all the steps above and more. Listing agents know what it takes to sell a home, and will work tirelessly to set up and market your property so that is sells quickly. Ask family and friends for recommendations or research local listing agents online. Before you hire your pro, conduct a few interviews to make sure you get the right agent for you.  

Getting your home off the market means less worry for you -- and maybe more profit. So, work with your listing agent to take these crucial steps before you list your home.

Article Courtesy Of: Suzie Wilson – info@happierhome.net

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