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3 Reasons To Turn Your Home Into An Airbnb

Considering hosting an Airbnb? Well, as we know, Airbnb has seen a boom in the past few years as traditional travel options have become much more expensive. You’ll typically find apartments, cottages, or even townhomes to stay in all around the world for cheaper than a hotel room. To further peak your interest, read our three reasons below on why you should turn your home into an Airbnb.

What Should You #AskALender?

Buying a home can be a very time-consuming task and one of the most important steps in the process is finding a mortgage company. To answer what may feel like an endless list of questions, we’ve put together a video series called #AskALender with help from our friends over at JFQ Lending, Inc. Each video covers a specific topic, from choosing a lender to qualifying for a loan. By breaking down the process into a few, simple steps, this video series can make the process of buying a home painless and easy!